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George White & Co Pty Ltd is a leading specialist importer, stockist and wholesaler of non-ferrous metals.

We sell, off the shelf and by special order, an extensive range of non-ferrous metals to the Manufacturing Industry and the general public.
We purchase only the highest-grade metals from reputable companies for resale. These metals must comply with known international product standards.

Since 1854 George White & Co Pty Ltd has enjoyed a reputation for providing a professional, quality service and products. The Company is currently run by 5th generation direct descendants of George White who are proud to continue the provision of this first class service to our customers.

We believe the key to our success is in being customer focused and we will cut to any length and size for immediate distribution or collection, or provide metals for the fulfillment of small, medium and large contracts.

We stand behind our image and reputation as a foremost leader in this field by implementing a Quality Management System under the requirements of the Australian and International Standard for Quality Management Systems AS/NZS ISO 9002.

To ensure that we continue to provide customers with a first class product we purchase only the best products and conduct inspections to confirm that each delivery conforms to the relevant product standard. 

All staff who liaises with customers must have an in-depth knowledge of the products they are selling. And, on request, we will provide customers with the necessary technical and manufacturer's product information in relation to a product, upon which to base their purchasing decision. 

We acknowledge that our staff is an important component of our business and we provide a safe and harmonious workplace and encourage them to contribute to the effective and efficient operation of our quality system. 

Our staff will be trained to carry out work expected of them and in turn, are expected to abide by the Quality Management System in place.

May 1996
Bruce White / Phillip White


Quality Management Systems

We have in place a Quality Management System certified to the internationally recognised Standard for Management Systems ISO 9002.  Our systems ensure that the products sold to our customers are sourced from only those suppliers who can provide us with quality products, that they are inspected on arrival and prior to release.

Our staff take great pride in the operation of the management system and in being customer focused at all times.  Sales staff are experienced in the non-ferrous industry and are trained to handle every type of enquiry.  Our business has grown and prospered on the foundations of a prompt, reliable and friendly service and competitive pricing.

Our objective is to supply a first class product that meets the requirements of your business.